Berry20 Facial Scrub from Moonvine

It was 1840 and more than 7,000 women began working outside their homes for the first time, mostly in textile mills. Still, it was a revolution. Since then, women have been working harder and harder. They are now mothers, doctors, cooks, athletes and more. We are warriors. That's for sure!

Fast forward to 2012—two strong moms, tired of spending a fortune in skincare products, decided to make a peaceful revolution of their own.

Sisters Patti Barlow and Piper Wise created Moonvine five years ago with one simple intention: Create affordable, environmentally-friendly and good quality skincare products.  

Patti Barlow and Piper Wise

Check our interview with the Moonvine sisters.

Q.  We tried some of your lotion samples, and found it's pretty different from other skincare products. What's in it that makes it that way?

A. "All fragrances are created from essential oils and are natural and skin-safe. Our formulas are kosher and vegan friendly as a service to our customers and our planet.  All products are prepared, scented with our exclusive blends of essential oils, packaged and labeled in South Jordan, Utah."

Q.  Usually people tend to care more about their skin in the summer when they can show it off, but why is it so important to worry about skin health in the fall as well?

A. "Fall is a great time to remember to slow down and take care of yourself. As we age, our cells slow down and don't reproduce as they once did. Helichrysum oil helps speed this process back up for newer, younger, healthier skin. (You can find Helichrysum oil in the company's New Moon Regenerating Cream and New Moon Eye Cream). A fall favorite scent is Pumpkin Spice, which we offer in a 100 percent soy candle. Soy burns cleaner and at a lower temperature than regular wax, and because it's all-natural and not as hot, you can use your melted candle to moisturize your skin."

Q.  And to finish this great chat with a flourish, can you give us one big secret for healthy skin?

A. "Our beauty tip has three parts: exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. It is so important to help that old skin slough off and reveal the new healthy skin underneath. We live in the desert, where the air is dry, and our skin can easily be dry. We offer products for the face, as well as the body for total head to exfoliation."