When you think of Utah's fine theater companies and playhouses, the names Pioneer, Hale and Egyptian probably come to mind.

But on Magna's Main Street, there's a small theater that's keeping the town's night life alive when so many of the buildings are empty shells.

It's the Empress Theatre, which puts on plays performed by adult and child community members.

Right now, they're putting on Disney's Beauty and the Beast Jr. The "Jr." is because the play is a version put on by the Empress Youth Theatre, which is the theater's kids' learning program. 

The last showing is the evening of Saturday, Sept. 15. 

Take the kids to see the Empress' young actors-in-training perform the story of Belle, a beautiful woman who is captured by a beast. But is he really all that bad? The play also features Disney's characters from the movie like Lumiere the candlestick, Cogsworth the clock and Mrs. Potts. Click here for tickets

And starting Oct. 12, catch Hello Dolly! at the theater.

The Empress is located at 9104 W. 2700 South, Magna.