Start working up an appetite because the 9th annual Downtown Dine O’ Round is back for two weeks starting Sept. 14.  

A program sponsored by Downtown Alliance, Dine O’ Round allows its attendees to sample two-item lunches for $5 or $10 or three-item dinners for $15 or $30. Promoted as a way to attract new diners as well as entice the old familiar ones, over 40 downtown restaurants will be participating in the Dine O’ Round this year.

The program is convenient, because diners do not need to carry any cards or coupons to reap the benefits. All you need to do is ask for the Dine O’ Round menu from the server. Don’t feel restricted to the special menu though, because there are plenty of other appetizers and drinks on the regular menus that you can try while you are there.  

Lunch options have also been developed at about half of the establishments and “give workers downtown, who may not often venture beyond their building, a good reason to sample the wide range of tastes downtown,” says Andrew Wallace, Downtown Alliance coordinator. Restaurants include Green Pig Pub, Market Street Grill, Bambara and The Melting Pot among others, making this an excellent way to expose your palate to some new flavors on an inexpensive budget. 

To view a full list of participating restaurants, visit the Dine O' Round page on the Downtown SLC Alliance website.