Craig Lloyd has racked up some impressive accomplishments in a few short years. He was the first runner to link all of Bryce Canyon’s backcountry trails (a 37-mile endeavor) and the first to do a double crossing of Zion National Park (a 96-mile run.) He also won the 2011 Laramie 100.

An expert in all things outdoors, Lloyd’s passion for running began as an offshoot of his penchant for peak bagging, basically climbing to the top of every peak within eyeshot. While attempting to hike King’s Peak in 2008, Lloyd learned of a runner who had tackled The Triple Crown, an unofficial feat of climbing or running to the top of Utah’s three highest peaks—King’s, South King’s and Gilbert. Determined to match the triumph, Lloyd decided to take up trail running. His first run was 1.9 miles, and it left him gassed. But his next was 3.2, and from there Lloyd steadily improved until he was eventually setting records for The Triple Crown. 

Now he trains year-round, and runs for the innovative company Altra, a local shop pioneering zero-drop technology in footwear. He’s currently prepping for the Wasatch 100 among other things, but still has time to crash races with a running buddy as part of the homebrewed superhero duo, “the AltraManiacs.” Together they’re known as “Zero and Drop,” so named for the minimalist geometry of Altra’s shoes. His alter ego, “Drop,” dashes between runners at events, handing out swag and encouragement to participants, the same kind of encouragement that sparked his own journey. 

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