You may not know it, but Utah's premier (read: only) gay publication is on the ropes.

Q Salt Lake has been covering the gay/bi/lesbian/transgender and (so important in Utah) /gay-curious scenes since Michael Aaron bet his second mortgage on it in the dark old days of anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment drives.

Now it's time to pay the piper. But at risk isn't just Aaron's little house in the Gayborhood, but a cohesive—and better yet, edgy— force in gay and progressive politics in general.

Case in point: It was a Q story that christened the Marmalade District as the "Gayborhood" and triggered a debate on whether or not a gay ghetto actually exists in Salt Lake City. (Probably not—gays live everywhere.) What was important was that a discussion acknowledging the economic and culture importance of the LGBT community had reached the level of a mayoral debate!

Then came the Prop 8 kiss-ins, meetings with Mormon Church officials (albeit low-level officials) and ever grander Pride Day parades—with a Mormon support contingent. (Next year: Gayle Ruzicka as grand marshal!) Q was there.

In a state that boasts a LGBT community nationally recognized for its vibrance in the face of its Legislature's 14th Century mentality, is nothing short of amazing. That that same community would not have its own voice, would be equally amazing—and sad.