Have you thought of spending your weekend with your girlfriends just doing what girls do best: Having fun, having fun and of course having fun? And what could be better than having fun and helping raising money to help girls achieve their dreams at the same time? Yes. We're talking about the Girl Scouts of Utah's Camping for a Cause of 2012. All the funds raised on this event will be given to Girl Scouts of Utah, and it will help them with the Math and Science programs. Isn't it great? 

If you didn’t have time to join the Girl Scouts of Utah at Camp Cloud Rim last weekend, don’t worry because we’ll show you what you’ve missed. The workshops this year were totally different from last year’s and included belly dancing, pottery classes and photo hiking. 

Let's take a look at some of the best moments of this year's Camping for a Cause, which celebrated the 100th birthday of Girl Scouts.

Didn't make it? Make sure you don't miss the Girl Scouts' 100th Anniversary Gala.