As a Democrat running against the immensely well-funded incumbent Gary Herbert, Peter Cooke could have expected to get, what, 1,500 votes?

Now, that Cooke has come out against  gay marriage and abortion rights, he can count on 350—give or take if his mom shows up.

Cooke proclaimed he's committed to “Utah values,” which translates to "Ixnay on the discussion of same-sex marriage or abortion rights." He explained the obvious:

"I am not the typical Democrat."

Last one out of Cooke's campaign headquarters, turn out the lights.


I've corrected this blog item in regards to Peter Cooke's stand on adoptions by same-sex couples.

Jan Hemming, spokeswoman for Cooke, informed me that:

Peter Cooke favors gay adoptions.  And he also mentioned in his remarks Monday that he wants Utah to pass a statewide nondiscrimination law.