Reports have linked antiperspirant use to breast and prostate cancer due to their allegedly harmful aluminum content. Some reports also note that when the aluminum blocks your underarm axillary lymph nodes, it creates a buildup of hormones, which may also cause cancer.

While the looming threat of B.O. may deter you from ditching your Speed Stick, know you have some scent-bridling options that WON'T stop-up your natural detox process. In fact, many deodorants are safe, because a lot of them don't block your pores, they just mask your musk. However, that's only if they don't have the "antiperspirant" tag (or a long list of other chemicals).

I ditched antiperspirant six months ago, and smell no riper (and actually sweat less) than the next gal. It's because I use products like these: 

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Spray, $3.99; Target

I spray this post-shower as my base barrier. Mentally, it makes me feel like I'm putting on an antiperspirant, so all day I don't worry about sweating. Plus, it's scentless, allowing you to get a good read on your own body odor, which on mild days, doesn't exist with this stuff. Just make sure you let your pits dry before dressing.

The Guv'ner Deodorant Powder, $9.95;

The slogan goes, "strong enough for the sweatiest man-pits," so on days where I know I'll be extra active, or wearing clothes I don't want to sweat much in, I go with this thicker, more absorbent, stronger-scented powder. Just make sure you rub it in well, so it doesn't come off on your clothing.

Pit Putty, $9.85;

Ask anyone at Drum Circle; they'll tell you this stuff is the (local) gold standard when it comes to organic, vegan deodorants. Made from just arrowroot powder and essential oils, the putty works wonders on way-too-warm summer days. 

I know, it's scary to make the leap from antiperspirant to deodorant, but trust me, you won't regret it—especially when you have the peace of mind that your body is being allowed to detox, and no excess hormones are getting traffic-jammed into your lymph nodes.