Downtown Farmers Market Tuesday Harvest Market started five minutes ago!

No soap, no jewelry. Fewer strollers and dogs. Just farmers, with the best of their harvest.

A little later than much of the United States, Utah's most bounteous harvest starts in August. So the Downtown Alliance holds an additional Market time every year. Starting this evening, through October 23,  the Market in Pioneer Park will be open for business from 4:00 p.m. until dusk.

So get it while you can.

In partnership with the Tuesday Harvest Market, Starting in September, Salt Lake magazine is sponsoring a Farm to Glass cocktail contest. Five great local mixologists will offer a Farmers Market-based cocktail at their bar during the month of September.

You will go and sample each contending cocktail and vote on your favorite concoction at Or pick up one of the cocktail recipes at the bar and vote via the QR code.

Participants: Bar X, Wild Grape, Copper Onion,Finca and Faustina

Also in September, come meet the weekly Chef at the Market. Every Tuesday from 5 p.m. until 6 p.m., a different chef will be at the Market to present tips and advice on preparing the recipes from his seasonal Market-based menu. The printed menu and recipes will be available at the Market from the chef, or you can find them at

Participants: Bambara, Caffe Niche, Finca, Meditrina, Tin Angel and Zy.

Eat seasonally. Shop locally.