You think you can control your breakouts with a good skincare line? Think again. According to experts, our skin condition can literally change with the weather, waxing moody with varying temperatures, humidity, and sun exposure. Then you have sweat, which dermatologists say is the quickest shortcut to a big breakout.

"With sweat comes more blocked pores as the sweat interferes with the sebum that naturally lubricates our skin," says local dermatologist, Dr. Brian Williams. "The sweat also traps more bacteria that also make acne flourish."

So what does it take to keep your pores free and clear? Dr. Williams shares his summer sweat-busting tips:

1) Use a gentle cleanser 

"A gentle moisturizing cleanser used once or twice a day to clean off the dirt and sweat helps to keep a proper balance. Sometimes if the skin is getting too dry, just using water to wash off the grit of the summer day can help, too. Be careful not to over-wash; it dries out the skin and makes the sebum glands work harder. After activities that make you sweat a lot, it is a good idea to wash that sweat off, even if it is only with water."

2) Use a lighter moisturizer

"We live in a fairly dry state. But thicker moisturizers can clog pores, and lightening the moisturizer helps to moisturize and keep pores less crowded."

3) Make cosmetics oil free/noncomedogenic 

"Summer is not only a good time for lighter moisturizers but also lighter cosmetics. The thicker the cosmetic, the quicker to sweat and blocked pores."

4) Use sunscreen

"Although we may think that all the sun does is burn and tan, it also dries. At the beginning of the summer, the new sun exposure actually makes the acne better as it decreases the flow of inflammatory cells to the skin. However, over time, it also dries out the skin making it more sensitive. Drier skin means more moisturizing is needed and the body starts kicking those sebum producing glands into action. When the sweat and dirt start to block the pores, acne ensues. Also, many acne medications cause some degree of photosensitivity and sunscreens are needed to help from burning."

5) Keep using prescribed acne medications

"Even though some side effects of acne medications may seem to get worse it is better to use them a little less often then stopping them all together. Often times, it is best to step up the moisturization in the evening to counteract additional drying effects of medications."

Don't be afraid of a little sweat. With these quick tricks, you can combat trapped bacteria and focus on honing your summer glow.