If you didn't read our story about The Sweet Brigadier, we're here to tell you one more time that you should take the opportunity to try some amazing Brazilian truffles made by the Pastry Chef Marcela Ferrinha. The brigadeiros (in Portuguese) or brigadiers are an easy-to-make, yet tough-to-master, dessert from Brazil.

Ferrinha spends hours in the kitchen trying new, different flavors to make her truffles so unique. Being from Brazil and dedicating her whole life to the art of cooking, Marcela Ferrinha is getting more and more famous everyday around Utah. 

The story of the brigadier has its beginning in 1946 when the Brazilian Air Force brigadier, Eduardo Gomes ran unsuccessfully for presidency in 1946, and at the same time, Nestle was introducing its chocolate powder and condensed milk. The name brigadier was a paid homage to Eduardo Gomes, since the truffles were created during his campaign.

Ferrinha uses the simple mixture of chocolate and condensed milk and adds special flavors to it. Passion fruit, wasabi, coconut, strawberry and others. You can pick some up for yourself by visiting her website