I was excited when I got an invitation to watch the opening of a laser show for The Atomic Clock, a new album by Brad Stock, at the Clark Planetarium. For the first time, a laser show has been specifically designed for a Utah musician at the planetarium. And the album is absolutely fantastic. Legendary rock band Led Zepellin already had its show at the Planetarium with their light show, and this past Sunday, it was Brad Stock's turn to rock everyone's minds.

On a brief talk with Stock, he said the boys from Clark Planetarium worked really hard to use this album to create awesome visuals. I must say, they did their job. The show was great, and I was amazed how many excited fans packed the room.

With major influence from Pink Floyd, the show was a great success and the audience was not afraid to scream their excitement. At times, it felt like the screen we were all watching was about to swallow us. It was amazing.

The idea of making a laser show for his new album, The Atomic Clock, came from Stock's fans who said they were having laser-like visions while listening to it. Well, it seemed to me the lasers were pretty faithful to those visions because they couldn't stop clapping after almost every new image projected on the screen.

Be sure to check Brad Stock's new album, The Atomic Clock at his website.