The American Legislative Exchange is meeting in Salt Lake this week to come up with ways for the "big guys," — American Tort Reform Association, Chemical Manufacturers Association, Americans United for Life, ExxonMobil, Koch Companies Public Sector, the NRA, etc.—to have their way with legislatures across the nation.

The little guys, including Alliance for a Better Utah, are trying to counter all that money and political clout with information. An "ALEC Exposed Workshop" at 6 p.m. will feature speakers from Common Cause, Center for Media and Democracy, the League of Women Voters, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and the AFL-CIO. 

The discussion will include ALEC's secrecy, it's voter registration and ID efforts and gun rights initiatives. It's obviously a left leaning crowd, but conservatives might want to drop by just to see what they are up to.

BTW, Bob Gehrke at The Salt Lake Tribune says ALEC defenders say  that Allliance for a Better Utah hasn't been overly open with its financial info. Founder Josh Kanter later provided Gehrke with information on the group's financial backers.

It happens at 629 S. State Street, Salt Lake City.

On Thursday, a 10 a.m. Alliance for a Better Utah (why they didn't call themselves something snappy like Building a Better Beehive, beats me) will release a report on ALEC's impact on politics in Utah at the same address.

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