One of our favorite finds at the SLC Farmers Market is GingerMade with its sustainable body products. 

GingerMade makes artisan soaps and bath and body products that are organic, sustainable and made-with-local-ingredients including locally-brewed beer from Epic Brewing. Soaps are made from scratch and use no animal tallows. Their base ingredient is olive oil with other skin nourishing oils, like organic fair trade shea butter, avocado oil and organic coconut oil.

Two GingerMade products worth checking out are the Organic Whipped Shea Butter, which is made with organic fair trade shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil, organic jojoba, vitamin E oil and rosemary oleresin all whipped together, and the amazing Carrot Face Complexion soap. This soap has a great story behind it: Mieke Okamura, the shop owner, decided to play around with a bag of organic carrots and put them through a juicer. She added some carrot seed essential oil, carrot extract, neem oil, and lots of skin loving oils that help with inflammation, anti aging and moisturizing. Voilà! The Carrot Face Complexion soap was born.

"I was hesitant to use this on my own face at first since I didn't consider my skin type to need a moisturizing bar, but I was and am still amazed. It somehow seems to balance out the over active oil glands on my face," Okamura says. "I use this daily during the winter here in Utah, where we have a very dry climate. I'm 40 years old now and I love when people ask me what I use on my skin and comment on me not looking my age. When I tell them I have just been using this soap on my face and nothing else they are a bit shocked. It leaves my skin feeling soft and I don't get as oily through out the day."

Come by to Farmers Market every Saturday morning this summer to check out these amazing body products. Prepare yourself because you'll probably leave the market with lots of cool bar soaps on your bag.