Utah has its fair share of unique boutiques, but Bastille has a collection so chic, Elle.com recently recognized it as the best in the state. As the site points out, Bastille is, "As chic as chic can get. Design snobs will swoon."

As you walk through the doors of the store at The Gateway, you can definitely catch that swoon-worthy vibe. With brands like Marc by Marc Jacobs, G Star, 10 Crosby and Band of Outsiders, there's plenty to suit the fancies of both men and women with any range of style.

Left: 10 Crosby Cotton Sateen S/S Dress, $227.50 | Right: Marc by Marc Jacobs Secret Stripe Knit Short, $148

We caught up with Bastille's owner, Jason Farrell, for a little low-down on the store.

SL mag: Bastille has a really great aesthetic. What style do you cater to most?

JF: "We go out each season and try to curate an interesting and relevant offering of collections. We cater to anyone that is interested in fashion and will give us the chance to show them what we found."

SL mag: What is it about Bastille that's grabbing everyone's attention?

JF: "We are a fashion forward store, but without all the fuss and pretense, which is often felt in designer stores. When we first opened, we were exclusively shoes, and carried what we wanted to wear and couldn't find locally. We had this "Puma to Prada" concept we came up with, and we put both brands next to each other. We still do that today, not intentionally mixing price points, but always having a varied mix of brands not dictated by anything other than being something we think is great. Right now we have Topman and Cheap Monday sitting by Rick Owens and Alexander Wang."

SL mag: What have been your best selling items this summer?

JF: "Prints have been really strong for us. Stripes have continued to be strong as well."

Left: Nigel Cabourn Small Multi Stripe Oxford top, $371 | Right: Saturdays Surf NYC James L/S Pocket Crew top, $52

Shop Bastille online or in-store at The Gateway and Fashion Place, and even follow them on Pinterest.