With wildfire danger at an all-time high, it’s safe to say July’s been en fuego hot. And just like retreating into an air-conditioned movie theater or refusing to wear anything with sleeves, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself nice and cool in makeup-melting weather.

Here are a few of my favorite summer refreshers:

Action Wipes, $25 for 25 

Creator Martha Van Inwegen is a mom and outdoor enthusiast who believes in all-natural products, which is why her version of the ubiquitous wet wipe only includes anti-bacterial oils found in nature, free of harsh chemicals and carcinogens. (They’re also reusable—just wash, then spray with their solution.) I use these after work to get the makeup off ASAP, as well as refresh the sweaty parts of my body throughout the day. 

Coconut Water

So much of how you feel on the outside comes from the inside, which is why cold treats and drinks hit their height of popularity in summer. I’m not quite up to speed on the Aloe Vera drink trend, said to be the ultimate inner refrigerator, but I do swear by uber-hydrating, vitamin-packed coconut water. With just enough calories and “meat” to hold you over to the next meal, it’s one of my favorite cool-down and re-energize beverage. 

Hydrosols (product shown: Green Tea antioxidant hydrosol, $12; thecreeksidecreations.com)

Local companies like The Creekside Creations and Natural Joy Beauty have caught on to the concept of hydrosols, or distilled flora and fauna. These sprays are known to be therapeutic (learn more about them here, and feel great spritzed on your skin, or added to cold water for refreshment from the inside, out).


Palladio Rice Paper, $3.99; Got Beauty

When you notice a little extra sheen on your T-zone, a few pats with this paper make you look mat again. And it feels so much better than caking on an extra coat of powder.

Now that I’ve shared my favorites, feel free to leave your temp-dropping tricks in the comments. And sorry to leave you with a cheesy, high-school-yearbook kind of sign-off, but...STAY COOL!