There's a reason brides wear white. Sure there's the whole purity thing or whatever, but have you ever seen a bride that doesn't look absolutely stunning in her white, perfectly tailored gown? I mean, really. The bride is half the reason people go to weddings. (Food is the other half, am I right?)

Brides have been wearing white since the beginning of time, and it doesn't seem to be going out of trend any time soon. Sure there are different variations of the hue - I, for example, selected an ivory shade for my wedding day - and different ways to accessorize it, but really that's what makes it so great. And so timeless. It never goes out of style.

Although that old "white after Labor Day is a fashion faux pas" thing is dead and gone, summer still seems the best time to break out the bleach. Because if you're anything like me, you won't spill on yourself until you're decked out in white. 

This summer, take a risk. Deck yourself out from head to toe and see how good it feels. A tip: stock your purse with one of these stain remover sticks. Most likely, you'll need it.

From left:

1. Zip back tank, $24.50; cropped jeans, $54.50; metallic braided belt, $39.50; Hannie cork wegdes, $79.50 | Loft

2. White Bubble Statement Necklace, $49 | Etsy shop - ilycouture

3. Tuscan Summer Top, $26.50 | Bohme

4. 5" chino short, $34.50 | J.Crew

5. Circular button placket skirt, $356.50 | Bastille

6. Day Dress, $38.50 | Bohme