Dave Perkins, the proprietor of High West Distillery

Each one dedicated 
to a single flavor, 
these food fanatics fight for perfection, 
combating obstacles like Utah’s alcohol 
laws and ignorant 
palates. These heroes bring national 
recognition to the 
local food scene.

Whiskey Dave
Dave Perkins
The proprietor of High West Distillery made history by opening the first ski-in gastro distillery in the world. This year, High West was a James Beard semi-finalist in the 
“Outstanding Bar Program” category. 703 Park Ave., Park City, 

Mighty Chocolatier
Art Pollard
The co-founder and head chocolatier 
at Amano Artisan Chocolate pursued 
a dream to worldwide success.
Amano's chocolates are among the world’s finest—they won seven prizes from the London Academy of Chocolate. 
450 S. 1325 West, Orem, 

Salumi Master
Cristiano Creminelli makes salumi like no one else in the country. His craft demands the watchfulness of a mother grizzly, the precision of a bikini waxer and the energy of a Red Bull junkie. 
Creminelli Fine Meats, 310 Wright Brothers Dr., SLC, 801-428-1820, creminelli.com

King Caffeine
John Piquet
Caffe d’Bolla owner John Piquet 
(along with wife Yching) is a coffee buyer, roaster, grinder and siphon-brewer supreme. Plus he's a coffee proselytizer, teaching everyone about how to make a better brew. 
249 E. 400 South, SLC, 

Baaad Stig
Stig Hansen
There’s cheese, and then there’s 
sheep’s milk cheese. Two of Stig Hansen's won “Best in the World” 
at the World Cheese Awards. 
Get a hold of them at his Snowy Mountain Sheep Creamery. 2111 N. 5500 East, Eden, 801-745-0388, 

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