A river doesn't really run through it. Utahns love their mountain landscapes. Even when they're indoors. Every time we build something, it has a man-made waterway in it, carefully manipulated to look totally (almost) natural.

City Creek Center

Remède Spa at The St. Regis, Deer Valley
Before you go to your private room for your facial, contemplate the ripples in the artificial stream that flows through the reception area. Faux nature nurtures, too. 2300 Deer Valley Drive East, Park City, 435-940-5830, stregisdeervalley.com

City Creek Center
Taubman Properties redesigned the real City Creek when they designed its namesake mall, channelling it to burble by Hugo Boss and, ha ha, Brooks Brothers. shopcitycreekcenter.com

Conference Center
Apparently, but not really, cascading from on high and streaming in geometric perfection to the concrete plain below Moroni, this is the most rigidly contained of our fake creeks, and no wonder.

The Canyons 
at Liberty Park
You can straddle rivers and step over canyons in this miniaturized concrete version of the Jordan River and its tributaries.

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