Every Saturday morning this summer, Pioneer Park comes alive with local vendors peddling produce, organic meats and—you know my favorite—hand-made beauty products with ingredients you can feel good about.

So here are some fabulous finds I spotted during opening weekend at this year's Farmer's Market:

Lavender Grapefruit Sugar Scrub, $10; The Lavender Apple

A scrub so scrumptious, you might want to take a bite (and you could), this scaley-skin-buster comes fresh from Mike and Peggy Nelson's farm in Cache Valley. Specializing in organically grown lavender and apples (hence the name), the Nelson's take pride in hand-drying the flower for all containing products, and include only natural ingredients.

Soap Sampler, $10; GingerMade Soap

Scent-tastic soaps that are also fair trade, vegan and organic? It's a green girl's dream. And there's plenty to go around; GingerMade's gigantic inventory can be overwhelming, but the six-soap sampler is the perfect first sud of the lather. Plus, you get extra eco-credit for avoiding excess packaging (a huge benefit to buying bar soap). Good on ya!

Healing Lotion Bar, $8; Bee Smooth Skin Care

Made mostly with beeswax from High Mountain Honey (local), this lotion bar slicks up your skin with impermeable moisture. The two gals behind the bar promise a petroleum- and paraben-free product that does wonders for dry skin.

Calendula Oil, $6.95; Millcreek Herbs

Oils, with all their nutrition and moisturizing properties, are one of the most important beauty products you can own. Clinical herbalist (and Catalyst writer) Merry Lycett Harrison highly recommends calendula oil from her line, Millcreek Herbs, as part of your skincare artillery. Harrison says this oil not only smells euphoric, but has a long history of use for soothing the skin. Intended use is for rashes, rough skin, eczema or minor injuries.

So grab your reusable tote bag this Saturday, because at the Farmer's Market, you can not only kill most of your shopping list in terms of food, but also bathroom essentials.