Everyone and Their Dog

Last month you were encouraged to bring your bike to Gallery Stroll. This month, at Alpine Art, you’re encouraged to bring your furry, feathery, and even scaly friends. The gallery will celebrate animals with their exhibit “Best in Show” featuring pieces about pets. If you do bring your pet, you can even get your picture taken by a professional for your next Christmas card. 15 Bytes contributor Sue Martin previews this event in the June edition of 15 Bytes.

Turn | Cristall Harper

We love our furry friends. Pedigreed pooch or rescued mutt, feisty feline or handsome horse – pets come in all shapes, sizes, and species, and artists participating in this month’s exhibit at Alpine Art capture pets’ personalities in paint and photography. A portion of all proceeds from the show will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society.

When the third annual Best in Show opens for Gallery Stroll on Friday, June 15, your pets are invited, too. In past years, says curator Matt Chiodo, there have been lots of dogs attending and even a turtle. To encourage attendance by the subjects the show celebrates, the gallery has asked local artist Zoe Rodriguez to photograph pets. She will be there from 6 – 8 p.m. There’s no charge for the sitting, and prints may be purchased from Rodriguez after the event.

Zepugbra | Darrell Driver

As for the 30-some pieces of art, expect some whimsy and lots of personality. The postcard image, “Commando,” by Zoe Rodriguez, captures one of those awkward poses with legs splayed that dogs excel at. In one painting in the show Darrell Driver imagines a pug as a zebra. “A lot of the art that artists bring will be about the emotional attachment people have with their pets,” says Chiodo.

“This is a great community building event for us, and, of course, it supports something that matters,” says Chiodo. The gallery has tried to get the word out to the pet owner population through Best Friends and various other pet organizations.

This kind of show is a natural fit for Alpine which has its own shop dog, Abby, who is always there. She can usually be found napping hard by the front counter, undisturbed by the flow of customers.

Best in Show will be on display at Alpine Art through July 16. Participating artists include Leia Bell, Cristall Harper, Corinne Humphrey, Darrell Driver, Kari Egan, Amanda Moore, Zoe Rodriguez, Suzanne Tomquist, Angela Woods, and Toni Youngblood.

Laura Durham is assitant editor at 15 Bytes, Utah's Art magazine, and is a contributor for Salt Lake magazine.