The weather is just perfect to go out and play, so how about enjoying the weather in Park City and meeting some interesting people, petting some cute dogs, buying beautiful arts and crafts, eating some good food... and dancing?

You can do all of that at Park Silly Sunday Market, which started on June 10. Don't worry, you still have until Sept. 23 to experience it for yourself on Park City’s Historic Main Street and delight an ecofriendly open-air market with street festivals. The vision of the market is to create worldwide recognition of Park City and to improve the quality of our community. 

We were there this past Sunday and took some pictures to show you what you can't miss at this year's event.

You'll be amazed by just how many vendors are at this event. You can find quality beauty products, accessories and toys. 

Everywhere you look you'll see art.

Kids will have fun, and...

Your dogs will, too. This is a pet-friendly event, so let your pups make some friends!

Check out the website to get more details on what's happening. Here is a list of some of the vendors you'll be able to see there:

Spirit Hoods

NI Clothing Company

SPIA - South Pacific Island Art


Park Silly Sunday Market
June 10–Sept. 23, Sundays 10 a.m.–5 p.m.
Main Street, Park City