Hopefully, you’ve already heard about this year’s Savor the Summit. If you have not participated in a Savor before, I highly suggest you check into this.

It is one of the most exciting events Cuisine Unlimited is involved in all year. And, we are the only caterer invited to participate.

The Grande Table at Savor the Summit runs the length of Main Street, Park City. We, along with participating restaurants, create the most distinctive dining experience in the Rockies. Main Street will be closed to vehicular traffic but open to visitors and participants.

This year, we are bringing you two very exciting and unique culinary experiences.  Our Mediterranean Grill will feature unusual Greek hors d'oeuvres and an entrée of marinated lamb. Our Native Utah dinner will include our 100-mile menu (everything sourced within 100 miles in Native American fashion). Flute entertainment will enhance the experience.

Executive Chef, Steve Ulibarri

For us, we must create a restaurant setting without even having a kitchen—not unlike what is required of us for almost every catered event we do—even those for thousands of people. Our day begins earlier than the Main Street restaurants because we need to build an entire working kitchen within hours of serving time.

Weeks before, we secure all our permits and even reserve parking stalls for our trucks and staff. It takes months to get all in place and the planning is all the more important in order to meet both back and front of the house health requirements and having every single food product, plate and garnish onsite. We create a tented kitchen using stoves and refrigeration, lighting and, the very important, hand sinks powered by generators. We carry in all our water for sanitizing our temporary prep kitchen and use bottled water for dinner service. We create a kitchen and scullery just as you would find behind the scenes at any restaurant with heating/cooking units, refrigeration and prep counters. We even have to be sure the ground we are on meets code and is clean and sanitized prior to our arrival. And, don’t forget all those dirty dishes need a separate area away from the kitchen for clearing and packing to transport back to our kitchens.

Logistically, it takes a real team effort to create this type of event.

Come serving time, we operate as any kitchen would, dividing our kitchen staff into two teams to accommodate the different meals we offer. At times, it even becomes a competition between the kitchen staff to produce the most creative meal, cold as needed, hot when required with a creative presentation that will more than please our guests.

Why do we do all this for the 32 guests that will sit at our tables?  It’s just plain fun for all of us to be part of this community event where the competition is keen.

To reserve your spot for Savor the Summit, visit cuisineunlimited.com or call 801-268-2332.

Maxine Turner is the president of Cuisine Unlimited and contributes monthly blogs about food, catering, trends and more to saltlakemagazine.com.