Janelle Rush started experimenting with the formulation of mineral makeup back in her beauty school days. Ten years later, the esthetician is the CEO of her own mineral makeup company, and takes pride in the formula she played "mad scientist" to get. 

"Most mineral foundations contain mica," Janelle tells Beauty Buff. "I added minerals that help with anti-aging—improving cell-turnover—and moisturizing. Our foundation's also a primer, too."

And the foundation isn't the line's only multi-functional product. The makeup line also offers mineral pigment pots, the colors of which can be used on eyes, cheeks, lips and can even moonlight as nail polish.

So, other than being the Inspector Gadget of makeup lines, the stuff lives up to its aesthetic purpose, too. Beauty Buff tried the products and was impressed with the chameleon-like way the foundation sets on the skin, and its breathable, yet provides total coverage. 

I also used the mineral pigments and adored the shimmery, blend-able way it set on my eyes, and the vixen-y variety of colors.

Try it for yourself by visiting NSMinerals.com.