Bikes and art don’t usually go hand in hand, but in May, the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll brings you Gallery Roll. The one Gallery Stroll where you are officially encouraged to bike from gallery to gallery. Also, May is the one month where bike art (or bike-themed art) has a special place. That special place is at the SLC Bicycle Company.

Brent Hulme is the owner of SLC Bicycle Company and the organizer of the exhibition in his shop. Hulme love bikes. But he also loves art. “There aren’t very many sports that lend themselves to art” he says. “You don’t see a lot of great paintings about football or basketball, but bicycle imagery tends to pop up in fine art. For example, you see Picasso and Duchamp doing work with bicycle imagery.”

Joe Norman

There won’t be any Picassos or Duchamps in this exhibit, but you will see some fairly big names from SLC’s art community such as Joe Norman and Sarah Mannion. “Those who submit work for Hulme’s exhibit tend to be those who crossover both the bike and art community” says Kristina Robb, Executive Director of the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll. “It’s a great way to express both of their interests and share it with both communities and the quality of artwork that Brent brings in to his shop for this event is eclectic but it is top notch. And it’s only getting better and better as more artists hear about the opportunity.”

What you have to look forward to is a mural on the wall made entirely of tape by Chad Farnes (he’s installing it as I write this). Jeanne Algood has some watercolors in the exhibit and there’s a fantastic oil painting by Eleanor Schulz. Some of the standout pieces are sculptures by Joe Norman made out of bicycle parts.

Eleanor Schulz

“Next year will be the tenth year of Gallery Roll, and we’re getting more and more cross exposure between the visual arts community and the cycling community through Bike Month” says Robb. “The bicycle advocacy community is as big and as spirited as the visual arts community so it’s a fun collaboration.”

Hulme only has the time and energy to make this happen once a year so make sure you make the SLC Bicycle Company one of your stops this Friday.

The SLC Bicycle Company is located at 177 East 200 South. The exhibit will continue through June 9th.

Laura Durham is assitant editor at 15 Bytes, Utah's Art magazine, and is a contributor for Salt Lake magazine.