Local progressive metal and power metal band, Disforia, released their debut EP Our Time Defined in June 2011, and they have been rocking the local metal scene for five years now.

Vocalist John Yelland offers some insight in to how the band has managed to stay together for half a decade, shares their dream for developing the local music scene and describes his vision of the band’s future.

Disforia. John Yelland, Austin Bentley, Casey Frederick, Chad Anderson and Brendan Greene. Photo by Scott Frederick

Q. The band formed in 2007. What’s kept you together for so long?

A. "Friendship and the pursuit of a common goal. It’s really hard to come by good friends. That’s one thing I’m very thankful for, the dynamics of this band are very good, built upon years of conflicts and butting heads. So I think the stability of the band is well earned."

Q. Do progressive metal bands have a decent following in Utah or are you finding more success on the road?

A. "The metal scene in Utah is improving and getting much better, but I have to admit our reception in Denver has been much more enthusiastic. Our priorities are in helping to develop and grow the metal scene here at home. Unite the bands and inspire the people, you know what I mean?"

Q. Where do you see the band five years from now?

A. "I see us with our second album under our belts and a healthy, thriving Utah music scene. I would give anything to see us have a fantastic music scene. And if everything were to go as I envision it, I see us touring as an opener with a band like Blind Guardian or Helloween."

Check out Disforia on June 1 at Bar Deluxe.

And keep an eye out for their fundraising efforts on Kickstarter. They are working break ground to raise enough money so they can record their first full-length album.