What looks and smells like a small donkey and can be adopted for a reasonable price? A burro!

May 11–12 and 16–19, the Salt Lake Wild Horse and Burro Facility in Herriman is offering around 30 wild burros from 1–12 years old for adoption for $125, plus tender loving care.

To adopt one or more of these Latin-originated animals, the potential buyer must be at least 18 years old and prove he or she can provide all the necessities of raising and caring for a burro. Before taking the little guy or gal home, interested adopters must fill out and send an application to the Bureau of Land Management website to show they meet all the requirements. 

If it isn’t a good time to adopt, the 14th Annual Utah Wild Horse & Burro Festival begins June 8–9 to educate and show what wild horses, burros and mules can accomplish when cared for properly. Youth can ride in classes for $10 both days of the festival. On top of classes and demonstartions, there will be a horseshoe tournament, BBQ cook-off and vendors.

June 7, before the festival, wild horses and burros will be available for adoption and can then enter their fuzzy friend to be a contestant in the festival, located at Deseret Peak Complex, 2930 West Highway 112, Tooele, UT.

So, why adopt? The Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Services manage and protect wild horses and burros on public lands. To keep the herds a healthy size, excess animals are offered up for adoption.

If one burro isn’t enough, eligible adopters can purchase up to four wild horses or burros within a year.