Events by LMG owner Mara Marian-Harwood sits pretty, wearing her favorite products.

When your eyes indulge in one of Mara Marian-Harwood's ornate party designs (which are featured in just about every form of local media), you get the sense that she's cutting-edge, resourceful, and a bit of a perfectionist (OK, a major perfectionist). The same adjectives apply when you see her in person: airbrush-flawless makeup, an immaculate manicure in the season's hottest shade and an outfit like something out of the latest issue ofVogue. 

So it's only natural to ask the much-buzzed-about planner how we can steal her no-detail-spared aesthetic.

BOTOX, Light Touch Laser  

"Truly, a 'can't live without' part of my beauty regimen. I adore Tauner at Light Touch Laser. Tauner uses a 'less is more' approach to Botox; I know I always look smooth and not frozen. If you're wanting to try it, but nervous, start with your number elevens (the deep vertical wrinkles between your eyes). You won't regret it." 

Latisse, Light Touch Laser

"These miracle drops lengthen, thicken and darken lashes within weeks! You just brush the solution on at night and wake up with lush lashes a month later."

Diorshow Waterproof Mascara, $25; Macy's

"My absolute MUST-HAVE mascara. As a wedding planner, I have been known to tear up at ceremonies. This is one wow-factor mascara that packs a major punch without the mess."

NARS Super Orgasm Illuminator 

"This is an amped-up version of their very popular, peachy-pink blush. I love it on my cheeks, lids and even shoulders and collar bones in the summer at night. It's a killer shimmer."

ORIGINS No Puffery cooling eye mask

"It's a must-have for any gals running on no sleep or pulling fun all-nighters. The cream de-puffs eyes and helps you fake a rested look. Can be worn under makeup for an all-day cool or as a mask for 5–10 minutes in the morning."

MOR Lip Nectar, $16; Tabula Rasa

"The YUMMIEST lipgloss EVER! This uber-shiny and yummy, gooey gloss keep my lips hydrated and lip color in place for hours."

Click here to find out more about Mara and her event-planning company, Events by LMG.