Let's be honest. Salt Lake has acquired some darn awesome shopping since the last time we converted our wardrobes from parkas to bermudas. (Remember City Creek and all that new stuff at Fashion Place?) So really, not one of us has an excuse for less-than-fabulous wardrobes this summer. 

But, if you're still struggling with how to dress yourself for the warmer temps we're in for, you're in luck. We talked to makeover expert Clinton Kelly, and he has a few tips for summertime fashion that will get you off on the right foot.

And here's an added bonus: You can see him in person at the City Creek Macy's (level 2) this Saturday, April 21 at 1 pm, where he'll present the season's best styles for women of all body types.

Tell us about your favorite summer trends.

"Color blocking is fun and fresh and everybody can do it. Just do a solid color bottom and a contrasting color top, or just a shade of the same color. It’s not tricky, it’s a fun trend that you can spot it from a mile away. I also love the peplum tops for women. They look classically feminine. Then there's neon and tribal. Summer is just a great time for fashion."

What are your suggestions for combining an active and outdoorsy lifestyle with good fashion sense?

"There are different types of clothes for different types of activities. If you’re going for a hike, you dress differently than when you’re going to the bank. Shoes have specific purposes – you wear hiking shoes for hiking and running shoes for running, and they shouldn’t cross over. If you wear a pair of leggings and a flowy top to go for a hike, just keep a pair of ballet flats in the car, and then swap out the shoes and you’ve got an outfit that’s appropriate for both places."

Utah summers are hot and dry. What's the happy medium between too many clothes and not enough?

"When the weather gets warm, people tend to keep showing more and more skin, and it gets to a point where it’s not cute or appropriate. You can wear shorts, straps or light fabrics, but sometimes it’s better to wear longer sleeves in a lighter fabric like linen or silk. It will keep the sun off you and prevent sun damage. If you’re going to do a short skirt then maybe do something flowy on top, or if you do sleeveless, do something longer like a maxi skirt. Don’t show skin on top and on bottom because it looks like you’re trying too hard and it looks sloppy."