Cue music: Alouette

Those hype-up, color-clad acrobats jumping from hot air balloons and spreading color across the world for Target have nothing on Rob McFarland and Jerry Stanger—the owners of Ward & Child­—The Garden Store in SLC. This duo really knows how to bring color to the garden and their new selection of pottery proves it. Check out the variety of shapes and saturated colors. These pieces are perfect for punctuating your porch, patio or plot with hot hues!

Aqua to royal, blue pottery immerses gardens in cool color and even cooler style.

Verdant pottery refreshes sun-drenched gardens with constant greenery.

When blooms fade, high-energy hues like orange and yellow keep gardens alive with bold statements of color.

Jerry Stanger and Rob McFarland, owners of Ward & Child—The Garden Store, 678 South 700 East, SLC, 801-595-6622

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