Oh yeah, Salt Lake City officially rates now.

Common and Kanye West both showed up at Club One Friday night for what was billed as Common's 40th birthday party, sponsored by locally owned Vida Tequila, among others. Lotsa people sipping on Vida Vixens–cranberry juice, steeped jalapeño, lime and Vida tequila in a martini glass.

By midnight the club was packed, so the celebs and their entourage for plenty of eyes on them as they made their entrance and headed upstairs to their reserved table.

Just a glimpse of legitimate cool satisfied most clubbers–bonus was Common free styling about the city of salt.

Please note:  I'm not in this target demographic, so if I'm misusing the lingo, forgive me. There's a lot I don't get about current clubbing, although an awful lot of it seems just like clubs in the 80s, with the Dj, lights, everything all minimalist looking except for the reservations only comfy chairs.

There are some changes. Red Bull seems to be more popular than Cristal, and while the Lycra-sheathed girls teetering on sky-high platforms as they pulled at their tiny dresses to make sure their butts were covered would have looked at home in Regine's–Vida's darling brand girls were a more modest version of this look:

But their dates were invariably dressed like high school seniors, in plaid flannel shirts and backwards baseball caps.