Color is enjoying a well deserved moment and “blocking” color, or creating a contrasting plane of your favorite hue on a wall creates a bold focal point that unifies art and collectibles displayed within its boundaries, adding muscle to their eye-catching strength. To bring color blocked character into your home, all you need is paint, a brush and a broad stroke of confidence.


Tape Measure, Straight Edge, Pencil, Level, Architectural Masking Tape, Paint Brush or Roller, Paint


Use a tape measure to determine the size and placement of the block to be painted. Outline the space with a straight edge and pencil. Use a level to assure the block is positioned squarely on the wall.


Tape the outside edge of the marked block. Press firmly on the tape to help keep the paint from seeping beneath its edge. This is especially important on textured walls.


Using a brush or roller, paint the area inside of the tape. Brush paint away from the edge of the tape to help prevent the paint from bleeding underneath.


Remove the tape, taking care not to pull away paint along the edges of the color block.


Position art, accessories and furnishings within the color block, using it to unite them and create a dramatic focal point.

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