Last year, we ran a feature in our April issue called "75 Things to do with a Board Kid" (you can still buy the back issue, call us at 801-485-5100), and the Ogden Nature Center's camps stood out among the rest. 

That's why we're forgoing the usual rundown of kid-friendly events (click here for our calendar) to give you the lowdown on the nature camps. 

Why do we love the camp?

It's rustic with everything you love about the outdoors, but close to civilization. And they offer a family camp with all activities provided in the small fee. Think of it as a mini summer vacation.

Registration for all camps are due the week before camp, and most run in June and July, but it's first come first serve and they fill fast. Register now and save yourself a headache.

Ogden Nature Center is located at 966 W. 12th Street, Ogden. Call 801-621-7595 or visit to register.

Full Week Adventures

$150 for members, $185 for non-members (ages 7–14)

Camp themes include natures mysteries, creepy crawler research, stories of Utah's past and the Ogden Nature Center's signature "kid vs. wild" camp, X-treme Eco-Expedition.

Single Day Adventures

$30 for members, $35 for non-members (ages 7–16)

Kids can spend a whole day with a wildlife scientist, growing their own groceries, finding out how the earth works or learning about threatened and extinct animals.

Fun for Fledglings

$50 per day or $70 per week for members, $18 per day or $85 per week for non-members (ages 4–6)

Younger kids learn about different types of animals in each camp, including the diggers, swimmers, crawlers, flyers and more. Or they can join the Fledgling Fire-side Adventure and roast their very first marshmallows over the camp fire.

Toddler Tracks

$12 for member parent/child pairs, $15 for non-member parent/child pairs (ages 2–3)

You and your toddler can enjoy the outdoors at the Mudpuppies, Trail Tales, Doo Wap Hop & Bop or Bugology camp. Camps have two sessions available, 9 to 11 a.m. or 1 to 3 p.m.

Family Camp

$45 for a family of four for members, $50 for a family of four for non-members. Camp runs June 27–28.

Take the whole family to camp and sing under the stars, roast s'mores, take a hike and learn about Utah's resident nocturnal creatures. Bring your own tent, sleeping bags, mess kit and picnic dinner.