Although lift-serviced slopes dominate the winter psyche of Park City's outdoor populace, Nordic skiing is a growing trend in Summit County, and skate skiing is the aerobic frontrunner. Skating technique can look comic or graceful, but either way, it's a full-body workout and a first-class way to enjoy Utah's snowscape.

Here are our picks for getting that workout before the weather changes.

Round Valley

Round Valley's trail system is vast, with nearly 25 miles of loops and spurs maintained by the Mountain Trails Foundation. The only flaw in this 700-acre mecca is self-inflicted; apparently no one expects a skier to pick up after Fido while zooming along the hardpack.  There are numerous access points, but the most convenient is Quinn's Trailhead, just off Highway 248 b the National Ability Center.

Union Pacific Trail

The "Rail Trail" runs from Bonanza Drive out to Wanship and feeds directly into the Round Valley network. As of this fall, its 12 miles of groomed track now run uninterrupted with the reopening of the I-80 eastbound overpass.

White Pine Touring Nordic Center

The pristine tracks at White Pine lure the devoted Nordic athlete, but the rentals, lessons and women-only clinics bring everybody else. Fresh corduroy every morning and a "skiers-only" designation make the center ideal for skaters. A day pass costs $18 for adults, but even if you're skating someplace else, stop by White Pine for gear and expert guidance before hitting the trailhead.