Go Eli! No, we don't mean that Manning guy, even though the New York Giants quarterback does deserve props for his team's win at the Super Bowl last night. We're throwing love to Hogle Zoo's Elijah the Orangutan, who accurately predicted the outcome days before the Giants and New England Patriots battled it out.

Last Thursday, Eli the Orangutan climbed down from his tree perch at the Salt Lake City zoo to pick between two papier-mâché helmets, and without hesitation, knocked over the Giants helmet, predicting Manning and his New York team would head home with the rings.  

The big game, of course, ended with the Giants defeating the Pats 21-17 in a heart-stopping finish that came down to the final play.

Hogle Zoo's primates, by the way, are five for five in predicting Super Bowl winners. "Even Vegas had their money on the Patriots," the zoo boasted in a release Monday.

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