And in 1895, inventor Guglielmo Marconi sent and received the first radio signal. In the early 1900s, inventor Lee De Forest created a device to amplify sensitive radio waves, laying the groundwork for amplitude modulation, or AM. Just a decade later, KDKA in Pittsburgh became the first commercial radio station.

Eventually, radio was rife with news, scripted shows and music for the whole family to enjoy.

 In 1965, the first frequency-modulated, or FM, antenna for multiple radio stations to broadcast from one source was placed on the Empire State Building, making the sound crisp. Music stations jumped to FM from AM, leaving the latter a perfect spot for talk and sports.

In Salt Lake City, radio really took off—we’re the 27th most crowded radio market in the country, with more signals than L.A. While some don't make it past the Wasatch, others have been known to show up on dials around the country.

Competition is fierce among SLC's radio elite, but it’s rare we really get to know the on-air talent. So, Salt Lake magazine interviewed the city's best DJs and hosts. Meet the faces of SLC radio.

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