"Compliance" is an intense, slow-motion headcase of a movie that will have you squirming in your seat and pleading with the movie's characters to act differently - over and over.

Starring newcomer Dreama Walker as Becky and theater actress Ann Dowd as her boss Sandra at a fictional fast-food restaurant called "ChickWich," the movie steadily works to a slow boil. Sandra spends much of the movie on the phone working with a local cop who tells her he received a theft report from the restaurant involving a customer's purse. He wants Sandra to find the money for him - he believes Becky's hidden it on her person - and thus begins a strange, psychological track involving people trying to do what they think is right.

Written and directed by Criag Zobel, the movie is based on true events involving about 70 cases that played out across 30 states more than five years ago. Zobel's first feature, "Great World of Sound" debuted at Sundance in 2007. "Compliance," is disturbing and provocative - and definitely worth seeing.