How Many in the Clown Car?

Chris Buttars' partner in Amendment Three, Draper GOP Rep. LaVar Christensen, is back and always happy to set moral boundaries for the rest of us. Known for his rambling speeches quoting the Founding Fathers, Christensen is a dedicated advocate for heterosexual parents' rights and "character education." This year, he pushed failed legislation requiring that every publicly funded social program be reviewed to make sure they "promote the family."

Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, meanwhile, is rabid about deporting undocumented immigrants. He sponsored Utah's carbon copy of Arizona's enforcement-only immigration bill. Ever ambitious, he's thinking of running for Congress. Sen. Margaret Dayton is in the car, too, with a priority list that includes pushing the University of Utah's medical school to accept more BYU graduates; changing the rules for private investigators after her son, an apprentice P.I., got into trouble; and this year, exempting Utah-made guns from federal firearms rules.


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