Man vs. Wild star Bear Grylls kicked off the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market with a bang on Thursday, Jan. 19. The adventurer is launching his own line of outdoor gear in the American market, so Craghoppers brought him over to have a chat about his gear, his travels and his survival.

"We'll thrash it, and we'll trash it." Those were the words that came to Gryll's mind when he started planning his line of outdoor gear to make sure the products would last a long time.

You might have seen Grylls' gear already, because he often wore it while filming Man vs. Wild.

After making it through some of the harshes conditions the world has to offer, this gear line is ready for a little more exposure. "It's tested and proved," Grylls said.

Here's a little peek at Grylls' new line.

This was Grylls' first time at the OR even though he's been to Utah at least twice on Man vs. Wild. After his previous trips, Grylls continues to be impressed. "You have every sort of wilderness," said Grylls. He emphasized that just by walking on foot, you can see increcibly different kinds of terrain, from mountains to deserts. 

Grylls also emphasized that Utah's terrian it isn't the only thing that makes it special. Its people get a share of the praise, too. "Adventure runs through so many people's blood here," said Grylls.

Utahn's are certainly adventurous people, but it's always good to get a tip from a pro. Grylls started exploring as a boy and has continued to survive, despite some of the tight spots he's found himself in. "I learned at a young age from getting it wrong," said Grylls. "The great rule of mountains is that pride is a killer."

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