Salt Lake editors just picked up their Sundance credentials from the press office, and we’re ready to give you all the coverage you (and we) can handle, including film reviews, videos and reviews of the fashion shows, parties, concerts and more.

For more specific details on our coverage, check out Senior Editor Marcie Young Cancio's latest post

And while we are pros in every sense of the word, having Sundance creds sort of makes us want to show off a bit… so look what we’ve got!

My credential is non-transferable, nor would I want it to be.

Jealous? Well, here’s how we got these fancy passes:

1. Submitting coverage

The press office is no longer accepting applications. In fact, they haven’t been for a while now, and the journey to get these credentials actually started back in September when we started submitting our coverage from the previous year.
If a news outlet never covered Sundance or the reporters who did cover it are gone, chances are it wouldn’t get an email saying it’s time to apply.

The best way to get on the list is to be on the list from the previous year and actually have some coverage to back it up. I spent a good portion of a week looking through last year’s mags and jumping on the server and backend of our website to find blogs, photo galleries, and features.

The Marriott. AKA coverage headquarters. This is where we picked up the creds.

2. Filling out the app

After several meetings among the staff on who to send, we were sent the link to apply on the Sundance Film Festival website in early December.

The assigning editor (me) provided the rest of the reporters with letters of intent to submit with their applications. Luckily, Sundance provides a good example of what the letter should look like.

If it was someone who had never covered the fest before, he or she filled out a longer app—and other than checking every web story he or she ever wrote for anything Sundance related to submit—that was basically the only difference between getting creds for vets and newbies.

Inside the Sundance press office at the Marriott.

3. Picking up the creds

Toward the end of December, we got emails letting us know our apps were approved. Yahoo! Then it was just a matter of deciding how to split the coverage and picking up on Jan. 18. It had to be Jan. 18 if we wanted to cover anything after that date… like the Redford press conference I’ll be at today.