Utah Style & Design is the state's ultimate guide to all things for your home, and utahstyleanddesign.com is no different. Check out this story on vanities that we pulled off of the website for Salt Lakemagazine readers:

I admit it: I judge a place by its bathroom. Whether in a fine restaurant or a friend’s  home, the bathroom is where I get a sense of the space’s  personality. If you’re like me and fear that your powder room or big bath may be judged as bland, boring or worse, the folks at Cole + Co. offer a new vanity line with 45 unique pieces offering flair, class or whimsy—your choice. Say goodbye to plain pedestals or spigots springing inexplicably from the wall. Instead, consider one of these hand-made and -finished hardwood pieces offering usable storage space that makes the vanities do double duty as  bathroom furniture. Here are a few of my faves:

Bishop Sink Chest: With Primavera and Mahogany, this European-antique style  piece falls somewhere between refined elegance  and animal print. For grown-ups, right?

The Kincaid is half Corinthian column, half corrugated  metal. It has a “weathered” look, and the stout cabinet requires a smaller sink making it a great option for a smaller space.

In the trendiest shade available, this cabinet is for the aspiring hipster with a life and no time to search for antique bathroom projects. Drawers have wallpapered interior, exterior is antiqued and hand-painted with a crackle finish.

The harlequin diamond design is Alice in Wonderland worthy. The hiked skirt and drastic design contrast of the Hathaway makes it a striking finish for any bathroom space.

The Turlington is a the embodiment of woman, in furniture form. Curves, high heels and the most appropriate shade of red.

The contemporary lines of Lily are a bonafide homage to wash basins and cupboards from little house on the prairie.

Zebra striping gives the Gabrielle a definitive feminine flair. Decor confidence is  vital to pull off this brazen piece.