Sure, I write this blog and I come up with about 99 percent of the ideas, but I'd love to hear more often from readers and not just when I misspell the name of a band's drummer. So in other words, I'm trying to be a recovering autocrat when it comes to filling this space. And by definition, that will take some help.

One thing we know we're about to do is start adding more videos to this blog - some I shoot, some others can shoot and then send me - which should spice things up a bit. But that still leaves a lot of room for divergence.

At Salt Lake Magazine, we want to know if there are events going on in SLC and around Utah I'm not covering that you'd like to see written about? Or are there other entertainment and cultural items you'd like to see reviewed or previewed more regularly? If so, e-mail at I'd love to see what you have to say and incorporate your feedback into the Magazine's ongoing online coverage of arts and entertainment.

I cover a lot of music events, but I'm also a big fan of movies, live theater and dance. With some help and input from our readers, we'd like to do more and see if that appeals this blog's readership. So, again feel free to contact us here at Salt Lake Magazine via either my email or in the comment space below.

Thanks! And Happy 2012!

Scott Murphy Arts/Entertainment Editor Salt Lake Magazine