If you haven't yet, pick up Salt Lake's latest issue for our story on the DJs, newspeople, sports gurus and others who make Salt Lake City one of the countries best radio markets. We'll also be posting our profiles on these radio personalities over the next couple months.

And if you already read the story, maybe you noticed something's missing (the hint is on page six of the February 2012): podcasters!

Know one that's really good that we missed? Add it in the comments below.

So, check out these local podcasts:

For the sci-fi geek: The Geek Show

X96 Radio from Hell's Kerry Jackson, along with hosts Jeff, Scott, Jimmy, Leigh and Shannon, discuss the latest sci-fi geek topics: Comic, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Batman and much more.

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For the classic sci-fi geek: SciFi Friday

Utah experts in science, technology, math and other fields comment on the UEN classic sci-fi movie of the week. Plan 9 from Outer Space, The Atomic Blonde—what's actually possible from these films?

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For the true Jazz fan: Locked on Jazz

Read about how Jazz play-by-play David Locke got into the biz in our new issue, then listen to his podcasts for all things Jazz. Locke's take on the players, game recaps, predictions and more.

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For the mother in your life: Babies and Moms Radio, The MOM Podcast

Utah County moms, with a combined total of 19 kids, give their advice on raising kids. Babies and Moms is for the new mom, and the MOM Podcast is all about the topics moms face as their kids grow up.

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For the news junkie: CityViews

Host Jennifer Napier-Pearce catches you up on all news and hot topics in and around Salt Lake City, including education, the arts and politics.

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For the cyclist: The Fred Cast

Park City cyclist David Bernstein's podcast for all the "Freds," aka high-end cyclists. He covers bikes, safety, gadgets, local rides and more

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For the ski bum: Utah Avalanche Center podcasts

Get the latest avalanche advisories, along with the scoop on the mountain conditions so you can ski, snowboard or snowshoe in safety.

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For the outdoorsman: Discover Utah Wildlife

Learn everything you need to know for your next elk hunt. Host Mark Hadley covers all of the state's best outdoors activities.

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