The Grand America Hotel's new toy store, JouJou, officially opens on Black Friday, Nov. 25, but we got a sneak peak of the store at the Junior League of Salt Lake City's Celebration of Wonder last Saturday.

The event benefitted EPIC (Educating Parents Investing in Children), a joint effort with CAP Head Start to provide early childhood opportunities for Head Start children at Palmer Court, along with education for families.

We loved the Grand America's delicious brunch, face painting, balloon animals, cookie decorating and magic chow in the Imperial Ballroom, while a silent auction helped raise even more money, with prizes like stays at the Grand America and gift baskets of toys from JouJou.

Guests also received 15 percent off shopping cards to any store at the Grand America. Luckily, they were able to put the cards to use the same day—monster footsteps led from the ballroom to the new toy store.

Here are our exclusive pics from the Celebration of Wonder and what you should buy your kids for the holidays at the JouJou toy store:

Celebration of Wonder

The Grand America serves up some sweet treats.

In our minds, the two most popular people at the event. The Grand America knows food.

The event was set up to support EPIC.

Facepainting was just one of the activities for kids in the ballroom.

JouJou toy store

Monsterpiece Theatre, ten friendly computer-generated monsters in portraits interact with toy store guests.

Walk on the lighted floor below the candy organ to creat your own music...

...then pick your flavor!

This cute, stuffed frog is one of the higher-end toys at $40.

Among all the books at the store's library, we picked "Barry, the Fish with Fingers" by Sue Hendra, $15.99.

BOOM! These action-packed wallets are great for older kids learning to save their allowance, $17 each.

Dogs are expensive to own, and yes, some of us are allergic. Port-a-Pug is a one time expense of only $16.95 and allergy-free (would also make a great white elephant gift).