This is a big weekend for the "Twi-hards" of the world, but there are still some cool options for the rest of us. Let's look, shall we?

Salt Lake City fave Rachel Yamagata is playing a sold-out concert Friday night at The State Room. Most sell-outs at this venue feature a few tickets available out front about an hour before showtime, but that's likely your only way in to this and I wouldn't even bet on that for this gig. Here's Rachel's latest video:

Also Friday, local band Afro Omega will be at The Depot as part of the venue's "Trench Town Rock" evening. Should be fun and tickets are only $10.

Another option Friday is over at Kilby Court as Little Scream makes an appearance. Their release, "The Golden Record," is worth checking into, as this concert will be. Music starts at 7 p.m. and tickets are just $8.

And don't forget that Salt Lake Acting Company's "(A Man Enters)" is continuing. Reviews have been great for this production, which runs until Dec. 4.