Salt Lake magazine spent way too much time gathering ghost stories and info on local haunts for the Haunted Beehive story in the October issue (on stands now). We did such a good job, no way could it all fit in eight pages. So, we have been posting those extras on every week until Halloween.

Now, we're on the very last Ghost of the Week post for the year. Scroll to the bottom to check out all of our previous posts on local haunted hotspots.

This week, we dip into our archives for the haunting of the Sutton-Hurley home in Park City, which locals might know better as the Angel House Inn.

In June 2008, the building caught fire and sustained about $1 million in damage. Could this have riled up the ghostly presence inside? It's no longer an inn, but you can walk through the quiet Park City neighborhood where the building stands to find out for yourself. You can get the home's full history on the state historic registry plaque in front.

Old Haunts: Angel House Inn (from Salt Lake magazine, October 2001) By Amber McKee and Kelley J.P. Lindberg

When Jan Fisher Rush purchased the old Sutton-Hurley House on Norfolk Avenue in Park City, she'd heard it was haunted. But, having worked for years with alternative healing, she wasn't afraid. In fact, she decided it was just the place to open a bed and breakfast. So, in 1995, she began turning the 113-year-old home into what is now the Angel House Inn. Each of the rooms in the Inn is devoted to an archangel, and the rooms are decorated with artifacts and antiques that reflect both the masculine and feminine nature of each archangel, as well as the Victorian elegance of the era in which the home was built.

Fisher Rush believes the ghost at Angel House Inn to be Rhea Hurley, a concert pianist who lived in the home from the 1920s to the 1950s and loved entertaining in her mansion.

"When we first started staying here (as Jan and her husband Joe were renovating the house), I'd wake up in the middle of the night and swear there was a party going on downstairs in the front parlor," she says. "I'd get up and no one was there."

Fisher Rush later began seeing a presence, which she describes as a "strong-willed woman with brown hair, dressed like a Gibson girl," floating in the stairwell, calling out "Elizabeth!" Because of that, they nicknamed the ghost Elizabeth.

It wasn't until later when a young woman came to see the renovation of the Angel House Inn that they learned the ghost's real name is probably Rhea. The young woman explained that she'd spent her summers visiting her grandmother in the house and that she, not her grandmother, was named Elizabeth.

Visitors to the Angel House Inn still occasionally catch glimpses of Rhea floating in the stairwell or hear her calling. Fisher Rush adds, "Just when we think she's gone, she'll do something new." The building is located at 713 Norfolk Avenue, Park City.

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