I usually preach that one should tread lightly when it comes to anything too “trendy.” They are often the items that get worn once and then slowly suffocate in your closet.

Yet, fashion trends should not be ignored. There is an art to blending trends into your wardrobe and a big one for spring fashion 2012 is lace. You have to be careful with it because lace can look too cutesy, too bridal or too old. But done correctly, lace is exquisite.

The spring collections I saw recently in New York were peppered with all types of lace: chantilly lace, corded lace, French lace, English lace, beaded lace, black lace. Whether layered over four-ply silk or a mid-drift teasing peek-a-boo inset or a lovely long sleeve, the delicate textile graced so many of the showrooms and runways.

Tracey Reese, Spring 2012

Just like color-blocking, lace tip-toed into the collections this past summer, and is holding strong for spring. Watch for it on everything from shorts to gowns to purses. Put into play correctly, lace can create a bohemian look when paired with jeans or embody ultra-feminine elegance when layered over silk.

Tracy Reese, carried at Flight Boutique in Park City, showcased laces in the traditional cream and in black, while the big luxe players like Louis Vuitton, Valentino and Oscar de la Renta impressed equally delicate looks.

Keep your eye out for lace this coming spring. Think how it can blend with your current wardrobe or give you a stunning look for an upcoming special occasion.


Cathy Ann Sauer is a buyer Nina Raynor in Delray Beach, Fla. and fashion contributor to Salt Lake magazine and our sister publication, Boca Raton magazine.