K-Bull 93 gave costumed listeners the chance win a getaway to the Gateway Canyons Resort in Colorado at their annual Halloween Pumpkin Drop contest at Trolley Square on Oct. 27.

The goal: Get the pumpkins to fly from the Trolley Square tower through the open car sunroof at the tower's base.

The task proved difficult, and the competition was eventually narrowed down to three skilled pumpkin droppers—the demon, the redneck, and the Man in the Yellow Hat. K-Bull 93 Morning Moo Crew hosts Carly Cash and Shotgun Jackson were there for play-by-play.

In the end, the Man in the Yellow Hat excelled ahead of the demon and redneck in his aim to win the contest.

Here are some of the highlights we picked up from this year's drop:

This year's contestants pose with Shotgun Jackson and Carly Cash


Car, meet the unsmashable pumpkin!

The Man in the Yellow Hat shows why he's the winner.

Here come the pumpkins.