Listening to a good poetry reading can take you on a journey. As part of the Anne Newman Sutton Weeks Poetry Series, you can go on that journey with poets Admiel Kosman and Lisa Katz.

The event's free of charge.

Lisa Katz is known for her unique poetry. Not only was Katz editor of Israeli pages of Poetry International Web and author of Reconstruction a book of her own poems translated from English into Hebrew, she also served as a lecturer in literary translation at Hebrew University.

Admiel Kosman's poetic brilliance has earned him nine books reflecting insight on national and religious identities in Israel. Verses flowing of spirituality, his poetry has addressed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for almost a decade. Snatch up his his work, including New Poetry: Young Poetry of Faith before the event!

Don't forget to bring their work along for the book signing after the reading sponsored by Sam Weller's.

Poets Admiel Kosman and Lisa Katz, Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. Dumke Student Theatre in the Emma Eccles Jones Conservatory 1840 S. 1300 East, Salt Lake City Click here for more info.