Each year the grandaddy of ski pubs Ski magazine publishes the results of its annual poll of subscribers. And once again Deer Valley was voted the number one resort n North America. That's five years in a row of beating out heavy hitters like Vail and Whistler.

Deer Valley is awesome. And it really is one of the cushiest places to ski in Utah for sure. That 20,000 Ski readers voted it number one, again, says a lot about the demo of the average Ski subscriber. It's not about steeps for them, it's about groomers and easy access. To be fair, DV has some great powder stashes and still-relatively unknown tree runs and steeps in it's back pocket. But its pretty well understood that all of the PC resorts are more open and less steep than their cousins in the Cottonwood Canyons, especially Little Cottonwood's rugged hills. It's a factual matter of topography.

And when I ski the DV, I am not going there for the steeps. I'm going there for the comfort. I'm always amazed at how simple everything is on that hill. Skiing, in general, is kind of a hassle, lugging gear, etc. But at DV, it just all flows. There are lifts EVERYWHERE, fast ones. And you are never far away from a Green Jacketed DV employee who will answer any question you have. I don't go to DV to rip it up or challenge myself, I go there to cruise and hang out on "the beach." At DV it's more about the lifestyle and ease and its obvious Ski mag readers want more of that.

Congrats DV. We'll be looking out for the bragging bumper sticker.

Oh also:

Park City Mountain Resort also garnered the honor of best resort for a family vacation (named by Ski editors) and the number six slot in the readers' poll.